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ALAIN FREIXE is a French poet born December 3, 1946 in Catalan soil, he lives in Nice. Likes to dawdle between philosophy and poetry. Retired from National Education as a professor of Letters. Poetry advisor to the Rector of the Académie de Nice, first for Cultural Action and then for the Academic Delegation of Arts and Culture (DAAC) between 1990/91 and 2008.

Was part of the committees of the reviews La Sape, Sud, Friches.

Led the Podio Association, for the defense and illustration of poetry between 1996 and 2016 and the steering committees of two poetic events La poésie a un visage (1999 - 2010) and La poésie des deux rives (2004 - 20014) 

Created in 2007 and since then runs an editorial structure dedicated to the Artist's Book, singular or dialogue, Les Cahiers du Museur.

Chronicle poetry in various poetry reviews (Europe, Phoenix, the Basilic gazette, etc.) as well as in the weekly Le Patriote Côte d´Azur and occasionally in the daily L’Humanité.

Vice-President of the Association of Friends of the Love Tree.

Vice-president of the Center Joë Bousquet et son temps, Maison des Mémoires, Carcassonne.

Is present on the Internet mainly on his blog: and on the sites; snippets-online;;;;;;… 


Pour Comme des pas qui s’éloignent, Collection Grammages, l'Amourier, 1999, Laureate of the Louis Guillaume Prize, prose poem prize, in 2000.

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