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  According to legends and beliefs, elves, trolls, hidden peoples, inhabit the Icelandic mountains and rocks,

natural spaces where they build their cities.

The author's inspiration comes from his paternal grandmother's garden in North Iceland.

"A small garden, huge in the eyes of a child. Small paths weave between the flowers, the roads to a secret world. There is even a very small wooden house, where we can accommodate the elves. The trolls are somewhere else, maybe on the other side of the moon. A world of mine where I can receive whoever I want. Almost always my brother. "


Unpublished French / Icelandic poem accompanied by original works: carborundum engraving, collage of metallic paper, stamping of black and beige sands, collage of slate fragments, painting and highlighting of mixed materials.


Original edition 2020 of 30 ex. numbered, signed by the author and the artist.

Leporello form. folded 17 x 12 cm, 10 p. more coverage. Text composed in LondonMM type printed on Moulin du Gué 270 g at the Montquartiers Art Workshop in Issy-les-Moulineaux (casing).

Public price 2021: 600 €

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