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Aragon was the first to recognize his literary talent. LIONEL RAY, writer, teacher and essayist is also one of the greatest French poets."Si je n'étais pas écrivain, je serai annaliste ou horloger. Je m'occuperais du temps, dont nul ne sait d'où il vient ni ce qu'il est."
LIONEL RAY (pseudonym of Robert Lorho), born in 1935, is associate professor of French language and literature, teacher of khâgne at the Lycée Chaptal. Louis Aragon presents his new poems in Les Lettres française. Most of his literary work is published by Gallimard editions. Lionel Ray is the winner of prestigious prizes. 1995 Goncourt Prize for Poetry, Grand Prize for Poetry of the SGDL, Grand Prize for Poetry of the City of Lyon, Roger-Kowalski Prize, 2010 Pierrette-Micheloud Poetry Prize and many others . He is Vice-President of the Mallarmé Academy, member of the committees of the Revue Europe, of the monthly newspaper Today poème and of several juries of poetry prizes (Mallarmé, Max Jacob, Alain Bosquet). nuit et soleil (2010) and Souvenirs de la maison du Temps (2017) explore the question of identity, which is the major theme of his work.

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