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PAOLA PIGANI, born in 1963 in Cellefrouin in Charente to Italian parents in the mid-sixties, Paola Pigani has published a dozen books. She likes the companionship of other poets in thematic anthologies and public readings. After working as an educator, she devoted herself exclusively to writing and literary encounters, particularly in schools and prisons. Her rural origins inspire her as much as the city and its outskirts. She claims a transversal writing, between poetry and novel to explore other lives, the infinity of languages and human adventure, to remain attentive to this world.
Latest posts
And they danced on Sunday, Liana Levi, 2021
Van Gogh's chair, poetry, La Boucherie Littéraire, 2021
Of Nettles and Men, novel, Liana Levi, 2019
Knotweed, poetry, La Boucherie Littéraire, 2019

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