Sensation or censorship? Over-information or under-information virus?

Each word of the poet takes on its full meaning and connects us to our humanity.

In search of the lost meaning, follow the Trajet de l'oiseau.


Unpublished poem accompanied by original works: stamping using the Carborundum engraving technique at the Pasnic workshop. Black sand flange collected in Iceland by the artist, collage, contribution of silver material and white acrylic.


Original edition 2018 at 30 ex. numbered, signed by the author and the artist.

Book in double sheet, form. 32.5 x 25 cm, 24 p plus blanket. Text composed by hand in Gauthier type, printed on Vellum BFK Rives 250 g and 300 g for the cover by the Atelier du Livre d'art de l’ Imprimerie Nationale workshop (casing).


Public price Sept. 2021: € 1,500

Reading by the author