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BERNARD ALLIGAND is an artist of matter, light and movement. His numerous trips, notably to artist residencies (Egypt, Morocco, Iceland, UAE, Oman, Asia…) are a source of inspiration that he uses in different media: painting, engraving, ceramics, wood… and artist's book . Multidisciplinary, his pictorial work is imbued with all kinds of materials: minerals, plants, manufactured, raw, recycled ... which he translates into cosmic, allegorical compositions. For more than 20 years, he has illustrated artists' books on unpublished texts by Michel Butor, Salah Stétié, Jean-Pierre Geay, Robert Marteau Gaston Puel, Régine Detambel, Kenneth White, Sigurdur Palsson, Bernard Noël, Philippe Delaveau, Lionel Ray , Marc Alyn, Alain Freixe ... Two Alligand fonds were created, one of his bibliophilic work at the Angers library (2009), the other of his engraved work at the L. Nucéra media library in Nice (2018 ). 2 catalogs reasoned of the engraved work were published and cover the period 1985-2018.It is present in institutional and private collections and exhibits on all continents.

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