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SALAH STETIE - 28/09/1929 - 9/05/2020 (Paris), is a Lebanese writer and poet of French expression of international reputation, exercising the profession of diplomat, celebrating both a very pure French language and traditions of Arabic poetry, he is the author of an abundant and very dense poetic work, where the "reduction" of expression and themes aim at evoking the human essential by refined verbal means, the reference to Mallarmé (to whom Stétié devoted an essay: Mallarmé except azur, 1999) imposing itself, on the western side.
1972 Franco-Arab Friendship Prize, 1982 Max-Jacob Prize, 1995 Francophonie Grand Prize of the French Academy, 2006 European Prize of the city of Smederevo (Serbia), 2007 Grand Prize for Poetry at the International Biennials de Liège (Belgium), 2015 Saint-Simon Prize and Franco-Swiss Prize of Charmettes Jean-Jacques Rousseau for L'Extravagance
1964 Gold medal of the Order of Civil Merit, 1965 Commander of the National Order of Merit, France, Commander of the Order of the Pléiade, "Order of La Francophonie and Dialogue of Cultures", France, 1983 Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, 1984 Grand officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau, Netherlands, 1987 Grand officer of the Alaouite Order of Merit, Morocco, 2004 Commander of the Order of Academic Palms, France, 2015 Grand officer of the Legion of Honor

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