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"Agence-moi le corps / écarte les pages lisibles / toute beauté se cache / comme le fil d'une eau / dans la marbrure."


 With a flamboyant eroticism, the author stages a free woman inviting her partner to carnal pleasures.

Unpublished poem accompanied by original works: subjects photographed, digitized, retouched, printed on wallpaper by the artist and tracing. Stamping using the carborundum etching technique and heightened with gouache.

Original edition 2008 at 45 ex. numbered, signed by the author and the artist.

Leporello form. square 19 cm, 12 flaps plus cover (2.3 meters flat), text composed by hand in Romain du Roy type, printed on Vellum BFK Rives 300 g by the Atelier du Livre d'art of the Imprimerie Nationale ( casing).

Public price 2021: 900 €

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