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 "Is it night / is it day / Is it the midnight sun / Or the stars at noon ..."


Cradled by the poet's verses, nature amazes us with its incessant metamorphosis.

Unpublished poem accompanied by original works: retouched photographs of landscapes and plants, digitized and printed on gold paper, tracing, paintings, cutouts and collage. Stamping using the carborundum engraving technique.


Original 2019 edition of 30 ex. numbered, signed by the author and the artist.


Book leaf, form. 12.5 x 16.5 cm, 12 p plus blanket. Text composed by hand in Marcellin-Legrand type, printed in 2 colors blue and golden yellow on Vellum BFK Rives 250 g by the Atelier du Livre d'art of the Imprimerie Nationale (casing).

Public price 2021: 500 €

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