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GASTON PUEL, born on 6/03/1924 (Castres -Tarn) - 4/06/2013 (Saint Jean - Haute-Garonne) is a French poet. meets at the Liberation of Joë Bousquet, André Breton and René Char with whom he corresponds. From 1947, he took part in the activities of the surrealist group. In 1950, he moved away from surrealism while remaining on good terms with André Breton. There, he set up his printing workshop and in 1961 founded the editions of La Window Ardente. He will publish works by Pierre Albert-Birot, Joë Bousquet, René Char, Pierre-André Benoit, Jean Grenier, Pierre Gabriel, Jean Malrieu and will be at the origin of "Artists' books": Arp, Ernst, Miro, Dubuffet , Raoul Ubac, Staritsky… In 1971, he directed two seminars in the USA at the University of Maryland, one on René Char, the other on Claude Simon. He is the author of some thirty collections, but also of essays, including a book in 1962 on Lucien Becker in the Poets of Today collection, Ed. Seghers. 1967 Max-Jacob Prize

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