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SIGURDUR PALSSON, born 07/30/1948 in Skinnastadur and died September 19, 2017 in Reykjavik, is an Icelandic poet, writer and translator.In the 1970s, Sigurður Pálsson was part of a group of young Icelandic poets, well-known literary artists, who have in common the desire to renew the Icelandic literary language by making it coexist borrowings from slang and more traditional influences.From 1980, he published collections of poems, a few novels, a dozen of plays, and more than twenty translations, mostly by French authors. A selection of his poems was translated by Régis Boyer for La Difference in 1993 and others were collected by André Velter in the anthology Il pleut des étoiles dans notre lit. Five poets from the Far North at Gallimard in 2012. As a translator, Sigurður Pálsson has produced around twenty translations from French into Icelandic, including books by Camus, Genet, Éluard, Prévert and Deforges; he has also translated two plays by Arthur Miller. 1999 Icelandic Radio Literary Prize, 2001 Booksellers Prize for Poetry Honors 1990 Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture, 2007 Knight of the National Order of Merit by the President of the French Republic

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