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PHILIPPE DELAVEAU is a French poet and writer, translator and art critic, born 05/18/1950 in Paris.
Philippe Delaveau is the author of a dozen collections of poems, most of them published by Gallimard editions, translations from English and Spanish, numerous works produced with his painter friends.
1989 Guillaume-Apollinaire Prize, 1999 Max-Jacob Prize, 2000 Grand Prize for Poetry of the French Academy, 2010 Grand Prize for Poetry of the SGDL, 2012 Prize for Poetry Alain Bosquet, Prize Omar Khayyam, Prize Rainer-Maria Rilke, Prize Roger-kowalski
2008 Knight of the Academic Palms, 2009 Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, 2013 Knight of the Order of the Blue Palhinte, Kingdom of Hu-Tu-Fu.
Member of the Mallarmé Academy, juror of the Apollinaire Prize, of the PEN club of France, member of the SGDL.

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