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What is the place of the artist's book in heritage collections in libraries?

August 2023. Interview with Françoise MICHELIZZA, General Curator and Director of the Municipal Library with Regional Vocation of Nice.

Interview F. Michelizza. General curator. Director of the BMVR of Nice

Françoise MICHELIZZA, General Curator and Director of the B.M.V.R., shares her passion, her knowledge and her vision of the artist's book within the heritage collections of Nice. Genesis of the collection, axes of acquisition, specificities and documentary policy, promotion and mediation...

Square head. Nice BMVR administrative center (SOSNO artist)

The Louis Nucéra library is the head of the B.M.V.R. of Nice which includes all the municipal libraries of the city: The Romain Gary Heritage Library, the Raoul Mille library, 9 neighborhood libraries, the mediabus and community service and 27 associated libraries. The Louis Nucéra library, named in homage to the Nice writer who tragically died in August 2000, offers in its 10,600 m², a selection of more than 200,000 documents in free access (books, periodicals, cassettes, CDs, CD-Roms, DVDs, Blu-rays, sheet music.... ). site of the B.M.V.R.

Romain Gary Library. Nice


The Romain Gary heritage library of the B.M.V.R. de Nice has a great and rare diversity of collections: manuscripts, prints, posters, photographs, maps, plans, painter's books, artist's books and object-books. It testifies to its history, but also to a desire to enrich all of its collections through acquisitions, donations and the safeguarding of various documents.

A few words about the contemporary bibliophile collection

Among its collections, the library has built up a collection of more than 7,000 works of contemporary bibliophile from the 19th to the 21st century. This fund mainly includes numbered original editions but also artists' books and object-books. They make it possible to follow historically the evolution of this particular medium assimilated to contemporary art. These singular, rare, precious and always original books are above all a work of art. The acquisition policy has focused on art editions of the region such as the French Diane, Tipaza, Start, Ormaie, Maeght, Edition de l'Ariane, etc.

If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to consult a large representation of our artist's books in the contemporary bibliophile collection of the Romain Gary Heritage Library!

Artist's book IN SCANDINAVIA. Kenneth White and Bernard Alligand. FMA Art Editions.


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